Septic Tank Care Tips for the Homeowner

Your pipes system is composed of 2 sub-systems: your clean water line and your sewer line. Your clean water line is the one responsible for providing your residence with potable alcohol consumption water that appears of your taps and showers. Your sewer line, on the various other hands, is the one responsible for the disposal of wastewater that you create whenever you use your pipes. From your drain pipelines, sewage will go directly to the general public drain system where your home is connected to or your very own septic tank if you have one.

The septic tank is a large container, made from fiberglass, concrete or plastic product that is buried underground. Its main purpose is to hold sewer for it to be broken down prior to it is drained pipes into the seeping area. Now what one should understand is that the septic tank additionally requires correct care and maintenance. It is not something that is mounted, used and neglected due to the fact that when it splits or overflows, you will certainly enter a lot of problem. With this being said, allow me share some practical suggestions that will prolong the life of your septic tank and make certain that it goes to its optimum problem.


  • Conserve water. Your septic tanks ability depends upon its dimension however the bottom line is that it can just hold so much wastewater at once. Conserving water will minimize the amount of sewer that goes into the tank therefore allowing fluid waste to break down much more effectively.
  • Pick the appropriate lots size when you are using your cleaning machine. If you only need to clean a t-shirt or 2, simply clean them by hand. You can also schedule your laundry day once a week to conserve water.
  • Do not flush anything down the commode that should not be flushed down there in the first place. Disposing feminine napkin, cigarette butts, diapers and various other foreign things via the bowl will result to drain pipe blocking.
  • When removing drain clogs, prevent utilizing chemical cleaners. They may get rid of the blockages right now but they will hurt your pipelines and your septic tank in the future, as well.
  • Stay clear of the building and construction of a swimming pool, one more structure or structure near or right away where your tank is hidden and get more information from Likewise refrain from parking cars on or near the area as well.
  • If you have a waste disposal unit system, utilize it sparingly. Avoid grinding fibrous food items, coffee grounds, rice, pasta or oily food products in it.
  • Never ever dispose chemicals such as vehicle coolant, paint, varnish, thinners and also gasoline through your drains. They are damaging to groundwater.

Follow these suggestions to lengthen the life of your septic tank and care for your water drainage system, as well.